Accounting & Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Need to keep accurate records but don't want to learn double-entry bookkeeping?
Easy Books is a full, professional accounting package that makes it easy to do the books.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Invoicing on Mac, iPad and iPhone: Easy Books

Business Bookkeeping

Easy Books is a full double-entry, multi-currency accounts package. Manage expenses, invoice customers and keep track of how well your business is doing.

Customer Invoicing

Prepare estimates, sales invoices and send them in PDF format direct to your customers.

Financial Reporting

Track how your business is doing with the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Use the Customer Aged Debt report to keep tabs on any late payments you might need to chase up.

Online Sync

Using more than one device? Use our Online Sync service to keep everything backed up and in sync. Enter new information anywhere and it will appear on all your other devices (Mac and iOS).

Professional bookkeeping apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad


Easy Books is completely FREE to try, for up to 60 entries. You'll get two weeks free use of our Online Syncing service, but there's no time limit on the app, take as long as you like. There are demo businesses included if you just want to get a feel for it and run a few reports.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you pay a yearly subscription then decide it's not for you within 60 days, just get in touch and we'll refund the full amount. No questions asked.

Still having doubts? Read what Jane had to say.

My accountant hadn't heard of Easy Books, I was his first client using the app. At the end of my first year, I just ran the Trial Balance and Audit reports and that was all he needed to file my tax return. He has since bought an iPad and an iMac to run the app himself and has other clients using it. I now share access to my accounts directly with him, and he handles everything himself.

Before I started paying for Easy Books I was worried I might discover a shortcoming and be stuck using it. But quite the opposite! Easy Books really is easy. Yet it's powerful, and all on a mobile device! I don't need to be online to use it, it just syncs when it can. I've had a few questions in the past and the support has been exceptional. Most of my questions were already answered on the website, but it's good to know there's help if I need it.

I recommend Easy Books because it does exactly what it says it will. It's easy to use, affordable, syncs between my devices flawlessly and produces professional looking invoices.

Easy Books for macOS

Macbook, iMac etc.

* Requires macOS 10.12 or later

Download Easy Books for macOS

Easy Books for iOS

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

* Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Download Easy Books from the App Store


Accounts and Bookkeeping. Recording expenses, income, assets...

Account Types

Bank accounts, credit cards, and cash
Assets & Liabilities
Income & Expenses (incl. depreciation)
Customer & Supplier
Sales & Purchase tax

VAT Schemes

Standard (tax due on invoice date)
Cash (tax due on receipt of payment)
Cash on sales only (tax due on receipt of payment)
Flat rate (standard)
Flat rate (cash based)


Reconcile your bank statements to see if there are any missing or erroneous transactions that need to be corrected.

Multiple Businesses

Run more than one business? You can add as many as you need to in Easy Books. You can even track your personal finances.

Year End Consolidation

Use the "Consolidate" option on the Profit & Loss report to consolidate all your income and expenses for the year. Easy Books supports both accrual and cash accounting models.

Recurring Transactions

Set any transaction to repeat automatically to cater for any standing orders you have set up at your bank.

Backup & Restore

It's important to backup regularly. Just send your data somewhere safe and you'll be able to restore it to a new device if you need to.

Passcode Lock (iOS)

Set a four digit passcode to protect your data. This is useful if you want to lend your iPhone to someone for a while.

Import (Mac)

Do you have existing data you want to add to Easy Books? The Mac app can import transactions from a CSV file.


Easy Books handles 150+ currencies with exchange rates updated hourly. It also tracks historical rates, just add transactions and let Easy Books find the rate applicable at the time. Run a Profit & Loss report to show all your realised and unrealised gains.

Error Checking

Easy Books helps you avoid mistakes by warning you if you're making an unusual entry.

Plain Speaking

Instead of terms like debit and credit, you'll find more helpful words like "In (Received)" and "Out (Paid)".

Customer Invoicing

Easy Books Customer Invoicing

Sales Invoices

All invoices are sent as PDF format direct from your device. Email your customer, print and post or pass to a third party app such as Dropbox or Evernote.


Create a quotation quickly and (if accepted) turn it instantly into a new sales invoice.


Statements show all sales, credits and payments.


Customise your letterhead/logo, footer, payment terms and all the fixed content labels.

Choose between A4 and US Letter page sizes.


Financial Reporting using Easy Books

Financial Reports

Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Monthly Breakdown
Cash Flow
Transaction List

Tax Reports

VAT Return can be used in other tax schemes and UK users can file online through MTD (Making Tax Digital).

Customer Reports

Track your best customers (in terms of sales) and monitor which customers have payments overdue using the Customer Aged Debt report.


Find your best selling products or generate a stock report showing how much stock you have bought and sold in a time period.

Output Format

All reports can be printed or emailed. Reports are produced in HTML, CSV and ZIP (containing both) formats.


Most financial reports allow a comparison report to be added alongside to help you compare a previous tax year with your current one.

Container Accounts

Use container accounts to reduce the detail level in reports, hiding individual accounts to give an overview.


When your Year End has passed and you've reconciled all your bank and credit card statements, use the Consolidate option in the P&L Report to start the new tax year.

Online Syncing

Easy Books Customer Online Sync - online backup and sync between devices

What does it do?

Online Sync provides continuous online backup of your data whenever you make a change. Everything is sent to your other devices, whether Mac or iOS to keep them all up to date.

Online Backup

Should something bad happen to your device, you'll just need to sign in to retrieve all your data. The system makes regular backups of your data should you want to undo a recent change and go back to an earlier version.


If you have more than one business you can make use of the sharing feature to share just one business with a partner or your accountant. Share with read-only or full access.

Try it Free!

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