Thousands of businesses use Easy Books for their day to day bookkeeping. Here are just a few of them, sent to us by the businesses themselves.

If you use Easy Books in your business and would like it to be included in this list, get in touch. We also keep track of reviews posted in the App Store around the world, but we can't reply to people who leave reviews: if you'd like some help we have a busy support system set up and waiting for you!

Heron Music

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 02/05/2018 - 18:04

I opened Heron Music in 1981 specialising in the sale of new and used musical instruments, strings and accessories.

My first accounting records were kept in Simplex D paper based books, and although they were cheap and easy to use paper based systems were very limited, offering no reporting or analysis.

As the business grew I realised a more comprehensive system was needed, so I invested in a computerised bookkeeping program called Sage on a PC, and the amount of setup required was considerable. I had all the benefits of reporting and analysis now, but I found the system inflexible, it was never a good fit for our business model.

AW Accounting

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 01/02/2017 - 13:25

The accountant who speaks your language

This is probably not the place to mention it, but I am a lifetime PC user.

But not so much that I was not happy to look at other platforms. I am a practising accountant mainly dealing with limited company clients and the surrounding payroll and tax issues and a high proportion are on cloud accounting software. For the dedicated Mac user there are not many accounting products designed with them in mind, many of the cloud products come from older PC products.

The Crumbly Cheese

Submitted by mathew on Tue, 29/11/2016 - 14:48

The Crumbly Cheese has been in operation now for nearly 30 years. We are a small family run business that endeavours to bring our customers what it is they crave when it comes to all things cheese.

We retail and wholesale cheese, either through our own shop and local markets or by delivering to other shops and restaurants. We work with local dairies to help them bring their products to a wider audience as well as more established businesses, with more well known brand names. Our passion for what we do is what drives us on.

Friends of the Yarraman Creek

Submitted by mathew on Thu, 17/09/2015 - 12:43

I'm the treasurer of a small (8-16 members) incorporated all-volunteer environmental group, Friends of the Yarraman Creek, Inc., in Queensland, Australia.

Our project involves removing massive infestations of feral (non-native) weeds along a section of a creek that passes through endangered ecosystems and planting native species in place of the weeds. We are entirely funded by member dues (AU$10/annum), donations, and the occasional small grant.

Droplet Design

Submitted by mathew on Sat, 15/03/2014 - 11:09

Simplicity works...

Droplet Design was founded in February 2014 by me John Miller. I have held a profound passion for photography and design for over 20 years, and over which period of time I have lived and worked in Central America and the southwestern states of the USA. Over the years I have used several different accounting softwares for my business, including some of the leading brand names out there. It was In Feb 2014 that I decided to start my own business and begin the process of breaking away from my 'day job'. It was a very liberating feeling and making the decision was just the start.

Initio Print & Design

Submitted by mathew on Mon, 18/11/2013 - 10:04

I started a new business back in the summer of 2013. In the past within a previous business, I had bought and used some very costly MIS packages and accounts programs. Although they served their purpose, particularly in the case of the accounts programme, you almost had to be an accountant to understand and use it. I am a small businessman, not an accountant!

My business centres around the use of Mac and iOS products. Initially I began just to use spreadsheets to try to record sales and purchases within the company. It quickly became apparent that this would not cut it as the company began to grow.

Optima Business Consultancy

Submitted by mathew on Sat, 31/08/2013 - 14:22

Optima are an education and skills consultancy business working with clients nationally for fairly substantive projects.

We do not have many transactions per month and for the first 3 years of the business we used a manual entry spreadsheet which was then verified by our accountant. Although this method worked it was cumbersome and out of date. As the business grew and had more transactions we started to look at software solutions that would better meet our needs (rather than something that gave us functionality and pricing we didn't need). We found Easy Books through the Apple App Store and found the user interface suits our needs better than the other products we found.

Whippy Kiosks

Submitted by mathew on Sat, 02/02/2013 - 22:31

Serving smiles for over 50 years!

Our Whippy Kiosks have been serving freshly made soft serve Ice Cream all over Australia for almost 50 year. Our Whippy vans cater for many public, private and corporate events, large and small. We serve a large area in Australia from our fleet of Ice Cream vans. We are up to the 3rd generation in our family running this "fun" business.

We have used a whole range of accounting packages but we could not find any that would suit our needs or within a reasonable budget.

Our vans are our stores. Just like stores they need to keep tab of expenses, sales and most importantly invoicing for clients (the majority of our business is catering for corporate events that will only pay on invoice).

Partners in Time

Submitted by mathew on Thu, 17/01/2013 - 09:32

Solving the "I Wish I had someone to Do That" problem

Jayne Cormier and Tracy Starnes were struggling to find work and decided to start up a business that helps others get through the work week!

After having no luck finding work after they lost their jobs, Stow, Ohio residents Jayne Cormier and Tracy Starnes took matters into their own hands by taking on your matters.

"We tossed around a lot of ideas, and finally settled on the errand service because what we both had a lot of, was time, which is also kind of how we got our company name," said Cormier about the new company, Partners in Time, LLC. "It was Tracy's husband, Al, who suggested to Tracy to look into starting her own business with one of her friends."

Philip Raby Porsche

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 28/11/2012 - 11:21

"You've got my dream job." It's something I get told time and time again and, I guess it's true. Working with Porsches every day isn't a bad way of earning a living – I help people to buy and sell Porsches, and write about them for books and magazines. It beats having a proper job.

Of course, it's not all glamour. Like any job I have my fair share of admin and headaches to deal with, but EasyBooks at least makes looking after the accounts simple and pleasurable.

Bangers&Mash Tees

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 21/11/2012 - 19:05

Irish Craic meets American Kitsch

It was 2011. My daughter had just started Irish dance here in the Salt Lake valley. We began to attend Irish dance competitions and she'd beg me for a souvenir t-shirt. With my wallet open, we'd go to Irish vendor after vendor looking for a dance t-shirt worth the $30+ price tag. Nothing. These tees had everything working against them. Outdated Irish dance artwork screened on cheap, shapeless t-shirts.

It was a tragedy that such a lively culture wasn't able to sport better apparel.

"I'm not buying these shirts", I said to my daughter. A few weeks later, I informed my husband I was going to start my own t-shirt company. He just stared at me.

Walls4Paws Ltd

Submitted by mathew on Tue, 20/11/2012 - 15:35

Exclusive Home Boarding

During the summer of 2011 we were looking to start up a business that looked after dogs within a home environment. We ourselves were not prepared to put our four Labradors in alternative accommodation whilst away, and with our home being situated in a secure five acre garden, and of a size and layout that would be ideal to cater for guests we took the concept further. We wanted to promote ourselves as a professional business and purposely made the website and business post cards etc. smart portraying the correct image and attracting the right clientele. I had to ensure I had all documentation, licenses and insurances in place prior to launch and applied to the local council to ensure I had all the correct procedures in place.

Larkrise Natural Handmade Soaps

Submitted by mathew on Thu, 01/11/2012 - 10:29

All of our soaps are hand-made from the finest all-natural ingredients and don’t contain ANY preservatives at all. We only use honest, natural essential oils for their beautiful colours and flavours so our customers always know exactly what they're using.

Our soaps have always been made using the traditional cold-process method, and are aged, stamped, cut and wrapped by hand, and sold at just the right time to ensure that you only get the best.